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What is Aeroseal?


Aeroseal is a revolutionary product used for sealing your ductwork

from the inside. It is a vinyl acetate polymer that is water based and nontoxic. It is ejected into your ductwork using a specialized fan while in its aerosol form that resembles Elmers's glue. As the sealant passes through the air stream, it attaches itself to small and medium sized gaps, up to 5/8 of an inch, and forms a patch. Effectively sealing the leak from occurring.  Once cured, it is composed of the same material that a pacifier is made from. 

Why Does it Matter?

Experts around the world have discovered that air leakage in your duct, is the number one cause of loss of efficiency.


The department of energy estimates that 30-40 percent of your air flow leaks into the attic or your crawl space before the air goes where it is needed. Increasing utility costs, increasing hot and cold areas, reduces efficiency, and the lifespan of your home heating and cooling system. 


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